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About Us

R2R Audio Ltd. designs and produces class-leading high quality audio speakers and reproduction systems using new materials, technologies, and construction techniques. Our vast knowledge and experience in the electro-acoustic and related pertinent fields from home audio to aerospace systems gives us an unusual position in today's audio industry.

Since the early 1980s, we have designed and producing numerous versions of electrostatic loudspeakers. During our earliest years we were primarily interested in electrostatic speakers due to their inherent impulse superiority. Consequently for years we successfully distributed a selection of high-grade electrostatic models.

But by the early 1990s, R2R Audio began to develop a new type of dynamic drivers that would maintain the impulse characteristic of electrostatic loudspeakers while eliminating their technical and physical limitation (low sensitivity with large surface areas).

Extensive and costly research of the physical principals of dynamic drivers with a complete consideration of their technology resulted in the production of several models of speakers with paper cones.

However we knew that to really advance our cone research we needed to develop a whole new and original technology based around the use of polyaramid cones that could have impulse characteristics equal to electrostatic speakers.

20 years of cone research then enabled us to develop the technology necessary for the production of Full Range high modulus polyaramid cones as large as 18 inches.

Our understanding of the characteristics and drawbacks of resonance systems (closed box, ported box, and passive radiator) dictated the use then of an open baffle design.

Finally, after more than 30 years of research and development, the culmination of all this work gave birth to a truly unique premier product: the Real Full Range self powered 15 inch loudspeaker system. This high-resolution system utilizes just a single Full Range driver per channel, while covering the entire frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz. The result is unprecedented music reproduction.

While many audio enthusiasts attempt to make their playback systems 'better' by experimenting with various components from different manufacturers, we are designing and producing complete turnkey systems that are extremely accurate, honest and revealing, imparting no character or color.

Our goal is to reproduce music just as it was recorded!