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I was completely blown away by these amazing 15 inch full range loudspeakers. Their clarity and depth was simply unbelievable. I know of no other speakers that can compare with them. When I listened to recordings of my own symphony orchestra, the effect was very realistic as though the musicians were sitting right there and playing before me. The three-dimensional effect produced by the speakers was incredible.

Joel Spiegelman

Conductor, Composer

I'm drawn to the idea of having a single transducer reproduce all the frequencies, but I appreciate the difficulties of this approach. Generally, the larger the driver, the better it is at reproducing low frequencies, and the worse at reproducing the highs. Thus, I was intrigued when I walked into the demo room of R2R Audio, which featured a single-driver system, with the driver having a 15" diameter, used in a dipole configuration. Can a driver like that reproduce anything other than the bass? I sat down and listened. Well, yes, there was full-range sound, with no lack of treble. The system also sounded very fast and dynamic, with the outstanding imaging that I expect from a single driver.

Robert Deutsch


R2R full-range 15" speaker boasted impeccable specs. Open baffle, self-powered by 700 watts of UcD amplification, DSP controlled 20-20k response with a sensitivity of 104dB. Immersive sound field, quick transient response and plenty of dynamic clout. From a passionate designer with a musically passionate speaker. Lots to like.

Glen Wagenknecht


The sound of R2R Audio 15-inch full-range driver is pretty unique, and actually really amazing. There is something about this speaker. Keep this Most Technically Innovative Product on your radar and try to listen to it.

Spencer Holbert

The Absolute Sound

R2R Audio Ltd. makes single-driver, full-range, open-baffle loudspeakers. Their designs employ a powered 15" driver in a DSP-equalized system. The R2R speakers played even better than they looked and that's saying a lot, as I thought they looked sensational. These slick beauties made music that was big and open and race-car fast.

Herb Reichert


R2R Audio's EQ-biased, DSP-based, open-baffle, 15" single driver transducer and self-powered loudspeakers are quite impressive sounding. They do offer something very different both in look and sonic feel. They're very, very natural and due to their open baffle design, sound totally devoid of any cabinet colorations.

Clement Perry

Stereo Times